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How to place an order?

UPDATED 1/11/2021 - Due to the high demands, Spoons Patisserie is currently fully booked until May, To know more information about sales, please follow Spoons Patisserie on Instagram. Announcements on Flash Sales, Extra Bakes will be posted on the Instagram Stories. Please do not contact about order through Email. Instagram is the only form of communication that is used. To get onto the waitlist, please subscribe on my contact page and an email will be sent out to know when waitlist are open again.

Where is Pick up / Delivery and time ?

Curbside pick up only. Stay in the car and the products will be delivered to you. Pick up time is usually 11am-1pm unless discussed otherwise. Please let steven know before hand when you're on your way.
For San Francisco, Location, Pick up will be near Bayshore Caltrain Station. For Los Angeles Location, Pick up will be in Westwood near UCLA.
Deliveries are currently unavailable for both cities.
An exact location will be given during confirmation the day before pick up. January/ March- Los Angeles February/April - San Francisco

How to pay?

Currently, Cash is accepted for payment, Venmo is allow but a fee will be added onto final cost.

What are in the Egg Tarts/Dan Tat ? Why are they different than normal ones ?

The Egg tarts contain Milk, Eggs, Flour, Butter, Lard, Sugar, Salt. Some may contain Nuts, and Soy. These products are not Vegan/Gluten free
At Spoons Patisserie, the Dan Tats are made with a shortbread crust (this crust is different from the normal Flakey and Cookie Crust, so please don't expect the same texture) ! The most important differences are that it's flavored. Egg will be the main source of flavor and what is being added to it is complimentary. If the flavors are subtle, that is the point of these egg tarts.

How to store the Egg Tarts ? / Dan Tat and how long do they last.

Egg Tart/ Dan Tat can stay out in room temperature for a maximum of two days. When Refrigerated, Dan Tats can last about a week, but the crust will become soft.
To warm them, place them in a preheated oven of 350 degree fahrenheit and bake for 5 min or until warm.
DO NOT Microwave, the custard inside will explode.

How big are the Egg Tarts/ Dan Tat?

The Egg Tarts are 3.25"wide by 1.25" tall.

Why are the Egg Tarts/ Dan Tat so expensive?

All the Egg Tarts/Dan Tat are made by hand, the time and effort put into the product is significant. The flavors of the tart are steeped into the custard and not made with any powder. Also, much R&D was put into the product before launch!

Is everything only by the dozen?

Yes, everything can only be sold by the dozen, unless someone else is ordering and there is extra. Information about extra products can be found on spoonspatisserie's instagram story.

Why does it take so long to get some pastries?

Right now, Spoons Patisserie is a one person company, Steven, the Owner and Pastry Chef is doing everything including taking orders, scheduling pick ups, shopping for ingredients, and most importantly, all the baking. Everything is made fresh and only 6 dozen of Dan Tat are made each day. If you're interested in some pastries, make sure to check out @SpoonsPatisserie Instagram stories. Extra bakes are usually done every weekend.

What to expect after name is on waitlist.

At the beginning of the month, everyone on the list will be contacted through Instagram. Immediately after, please respond with request of what is wanted from the menu. (menus varies depending on city so please look at your city before placing). According to what is needed, pick up dates will be provided. The day before pick up day, a confirmation will be sent via Instagram message to ensure everything is okay.

What is a canelé and how big are they?

A canelé is a traditional French pastry from Bordeaux, France. Classically flavored with vanilla bean and rum. At Spoons Patisserie, we offer Matcha and other Flavors as well. They are best described as a portable creme brulee with a dark, caramelized exterior crust and a soft, creamy interior texture. When you bite into a canele, it should feel as if you're breaking the caramelized sugar on top of a creme brulee. Canele are 4cmx3cm

How long will canelés keep?

Caneles should be eaten 3-5 hours after it's baked. To be safe, you can keep them in the fridge for up to 5 days or in the freezer for up to a month. To reheat them, simply take them out of the freezer and put them in a 500 degree oven for 5 minute. let it come back to room temperature and enjoy.

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