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The Owner/ Chef

A bay area native, Steven Cheung graduated from City College of San Francisco with a Culinary Arts degree, and earned a diploma in Pâtisserie from the Hong Kong Culinary Academy after working several years in a Resort in Sausalito. In 2014, Steven became the premier Pastry Chef at Stanford University, where he created the institution's first pastry department. He then moved to Los Angeles and opened the Santa Monica Proper Hotel as their Pastry Chef. At his most recent job,  Steven works for one of the top catering companies in the Bay Area, Global Gourmet Catering, where he used his diverse experiences to produce refined, beautiful, and above all, delicious desserts. 

The Name

Working in fine dining was where Steven first realized the importance of spoons. In the kitchen, they are used for everything, from saucing a plate, to tasting elements of a dessert, to quenelling ice cream. Each spoon's function follows its form and is very personal to it's possessor.  On his first day of work, Steven learned that it was traditional to obtain a special spoon to last his whole career. Over these past few years, Steven has amassed a sizable collection from his travels, from Europe, America, and Asia. Each spoon is unique, with it's own personality and history.

"I love spoons the way I love eggs, for the beauty of their shape and their multiple uses." 

-Thomas Keller

At Spoons Patisserie, we want to take people on a journey with our desserts. With each bite, we hope to transport people to exciting new places, or a bite so nostalgic that it will bring them home. From the classic American chocolate chip cookie that reminds you of grandma's baking to Macarons that will bring you the flavors of Paris. We make our product with passion and an eye for detail, with only the finest, freshest, and seasonal ingredients to ensure you have exceptional flavors every bite.

The Philosophy

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